Dropdown issue with label values creating a notification mail [RESOLVED]

i have this dropdown menu dropdown, so im creating a notification with that dropdown label value so i add {zone:43} but still showing just the first value when the user makes a reservation with the other 40 values just first at the top is shown… then i add for example: {zone:43:price} and it works… shows me the values, but i read in another forum that if i add {zone:43:label} should show me the label value but is not working.

i read about merge tags but im not getting any result, if anyone can helpme i appreciate it a lot

If you’re wanting the value then you should try adding the merge tag modifier :value to the merge tag. {zone:43:value}

Here is a link to see all of the different modifiers you can use with merge tags.

@user6190241215f81112 - when using the “show values” option, each value will need to be unique, or this will not work. I am not sure if that is your only problem, but it is a problem you will need to correct. If you need that number 55 in calculations or something, somewhere else, you can make them unique but still allow them to calculate as if they were 55, by using options like this:


Does that make sense? In most cases, that many decimals will still calculate to 55 (that depends on your calculation, but this is the general approach to take.) If you make that change and you still need help, please let us know.


hey thanks for your answer, i was using a gravity forms dropdown in an old version which allowed me to put price in the value field as hotel| 55
hotel2 |55 but for some reason in the updated version I could no longer use the dropdown in the same way, but your comment made me see how the value field worked so I was finally able to solve it, I really appreciate it.