Strange behaviour of dropdown Labels and Values


I have a dropdown field of all the countries in the world. I have separated the labels and values so that the value for each country option is an email address. This is so that when the user selects their home country, we can send a form notification email to our office in that country.

I am then using the merge tag {Country:24:option} to display the name of the country in our emails and other records.

However, something strange is happening with this merge tag. If there are countries in the dropdown list that share the same email address value, the merge tag is displaying the name of the country that occurs first in the list, and not the name of the country that was selected.

For example, all these countries share the same email address value:

  • Northern Mariana Islands
  • Puerto Rico
  • Saint Pierre & Miquelon
  • United States

But when a user selects “United States” in the dropdown menu, the {Country:24:option} tag displays “Northern Mariana Islands”.

When a user selects “United States”, the {Country:24:option} tag obviously should display “United States”.

Is there a reason why this is happening, and how can I fix this?

Thanks for your help,


Hi Ian. The quickest way to get a resolution on this issue is to open a support ticket:

I’ve never used the :option modifier for the merge tag. Can you point me to the documentation for that, or let me know why you’re using it? It’s possible I’ve never needed it and am about to learn something new!