Form confirmation display checkbox merge tags

I am trying to display merge tags on form conformation (text) from checkboxes,
bit it only displays the first checkbox choice, regardless of what checkboxes were checked.

That normally means you gave all the checkboxes a value, and the values are the same. You will need unique values for each choice if you have checked the box “show values”. If that is not your issue, I recommend opening a support ticket:

I am trying to have a total displayed based on checkbox options - I am messing it up somewhere since confirmation shows the same value

  1. Checkboxes are set to Date 1-value $5, Date 2 -Value $5 etc
  2. Product field is set to calculate/add those tags
  3. Total displays the total
  4. Confirmation text - I added all merge tags
    But confirmation is only displaying the one value /date

The values need to be unique for each option. You can’t use $5 for each. If the values are the same for each option, the first option will be the only one that shows up in the confirmation or notification.

If you need to use $5 for math calculations somewhere else, you can use something that is unique, but will still total up as $5.00. For example:

*June 29 | 5.00001
*July 6 | 5.00002
*July 13 | 5.00008
*July 20 | 5.00013
*July 27 | 5.00009

Those values will still add up to 5.00 when rounded to two decimal places. Let me know if that does not work for you.