Problem with live merge tags in checkboxes

I have a problem with using checkboxes and live merge tags in my form.
I have a set of 8 choices where5 of the choices are set and the values of the other 3 are calculated in separate number fields.

I use live merge tags to define the values of those 3 checkbox choices.

So far everythings is working as I want it. At the end of the form I have a HTML field that shows a summary of all the choices in the form. If the choices with the live merge tag values are choosen, they do not show, the ones with the set values do.

I also use the values to add to a product total and that works fine. The problem is in the cart and in the order only the values is shown, and not the choice labelm while the choice label for the set price choices from the same checkbox field are shown with choice labels. I only get the number value from the live merge tag.

So to summarize: I use live merge tags i.e. @{:49} to set a checkbox choice value. I get the correct value from checking that checkbox into the product total but it only shows the value and not the label of the choíce in the cart, and when using the live merge tag for the checkbox field it gives nothing when checking that choice.

Does anyone have any helpful input? Thanks

I solved the cart problem, for anyone wondering I added the whole name string with the live merge tag as a value then I added the :numeric modifier for the live merge tag used for the cost calculation, now I get the name of the choice in the cart.

Now my only problem is the html field

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Hi Niklas,

The Live merge tags should work within an HTML field without any issue. We’ll be happy to take a closer look into this and assist you to resolve it if you can get in touch with us via our support form with an export of the form, and if possible a screencast of the current issue you’re experiencing.


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