Incorrect data being merged into email notification

We’re using Gravity Forms and to power a sponsorship purchase form for a hospital golf tournament. We’re using a radio button field to display the sponsorship levels, and the value of those levels is passed to a product field to determine how much the sponsor is being charged.

The issue I’m having is that there are 2 items in the radio button list that have the different labels but the same value, and when either of the 2 are selected, only the label for the first of the 2 items gets merged into the email notification. So let’s say this is the setup of 2 items in the radio button field:

Label: Hole in One Sponsor
Value: 2500

Label: Foursome
Value: 2500

If I select “Hole in One Sponsor” I get the text “Hole in One Sponsor” merged into my email notification. If I select “Foursome” I get the text “Hole in One Sponsor” merged into my email notification. Is there a way to fix this? or to make the merge tag in the email more specific? I’m at a loss re: how to fix this without re-engineering the whole form.

This is because you have two choices within one field sharing the same value, all choice values within a field need to be unique otherwise things like this will happen.

You would either need to:

  • Replace this field with a product field using the radio button field type so you can set the same prices for multiple choices, but maintain a unique value for each choice
  • Add a very small decimal to each value, e.g. 2500.0000001, 2500.0000002 which usually does not affect calculations using those choices and allows the values to be unique but very similar.

Thanks for this info, and that definitely makes sense. We’ll try working on those options. Really appreciate the assist!

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