Merge Tags for Radio input not working

Hello There,

Merge Tag {Field Name:2.1:modifier} is not working for radio buttons. I see ‘{2}’ is working for me to get the selected value but I want individual value via merge tags for mapping fields on Gravity2pdf.

P.S. The full merge tag is working on the notification message area, {2} or {2.1} or {2.1:value} is not working globally.

Any help will be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Can you please export this form and send the json file to

How to export a form:

Thank you.

I hope you received the json file.

UPDATE: The full merge tag is working on the notification message area, {2} is working on Multi-merge column of Gravity2pdf, rest syntax is not working globally.

I don’t think I have it, or if I received it, I miscategorized it. Can you send it again with “584” in the subject line? Thank you. or

Do give a check now. Thank you.

I have it now. I’ll look at this later today. Thank you.

Sure. Do let me the know the findings with reference to Gravity2PDF as well once you are done. Thanks.

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We can’t help you troubleshoot the integration with Gravity2PDF. However, for a radio button field, only one will be selected at any one time, so you only need {:2} or {:2:value} to get the submitted value for the field. There’s not built in way to get the values of radio buttons that were not selected.

Let us know more what you’re trying to do and we’ll see if we can help.

I was trying to map the fields of the radio button. The labels are same for fields which are repeated so I can’t use the field label to map the options. Now, I have to use Ids to receive data from that particular radio button.

Eg. (using labels)
Radio Field - Yes
Radio Field - No

Eg. (using Ids)
{1} *this will give the final result in a string and I want something like {1.1} {1.2} to map individual fields. Using field labels it is working fine but with ids its not working.