Conformation email with Price Option Label Name, Choice Name AND Value

I’m at the point of analysis paralysis. I have a form, a single product with 20 options, all good. The options are checkboxes, with a label and value. When submitted I would like all_fields with all 3 bits in info, Label, Choice, Value. I thought that would be easy. Just Choice, easy, just Value, easy, both…I’ve gone mad. Thanks for any help.

FYI: this is a sales form, the client picks options, and when I get the form I know how much to charge and who, each option is a separate billing code, which makes it quick and easy when submitting many times a month.

Thanks in advance!

So right now using the {all_fields} merge tag, you’re seeing something like this:

And you want to see something like this?

…where “Second Label” is the selected option’s label and “Second Value” is the option’s value?

Yes, exactly that! Thanks.

ChatGPT let me down on this one… :sweat_smile:

Had to rely on some good 'ol fashioned Gravity Forms wizardry. :wink:

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Clearly you are much smarter than GPT. That did the trick, many thanks!