Pricing Options Confusing Client [RESOLVED]

I’m using a form for a bakery page that uses A LOT of conditional logic to come up with a price. Everything’s working fine, but the options are confusing the customers.

Specifically when I look at the page the prices showing aren’t the price but the variation of the price:

I still need the price on the backend to help with calculations, but is there an option to disable the +$2 / -8.00 pricing on the form? Or clean it up? And if there’s code involved, where do I put it?

Hi Matt. You can use the gform_format_option_label filter to hide the price change:

This is a JavaScript filter. You can add an HTML field to your form and paste the script from that example into the HTML field. Note that is you are using Gravity Forms 2.7.5, the script won’t work in an HTML field. The simplest thing to do there is update Gravity Forms to the latest.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Hi Chris - thanks for the answer! I added an html box to the form and then added it as a code module to the page (cause I was trying anything I could think of. ) I’ll delete the page code and make sure the plugin is updated! Thanks!