Is this a custom Gravity Form modification? Prices dynamically update on Options


The price changes live dynamically on the same row as the option. When you click on custom size and type in the field it does that as well.

I’d like to be able to produce this feature for a client who sells banners by length and width.

That is a Gravity Forms form. Very interesting. I think they have all that information in the option label, and then they turn off the default behaviour of Gravity Forms option fields which is to show the price change. That is done with this filter:

They are using Woocommerce and some sort of additional plugin “Save Share Cart”, but I can’t see anything else going on behind the scenes. It does look possible in Gravity Forms, as they are doing it right there.

Thanks Chris. Also, you should check out their custom size radio button. Its nothing new there, but as soon as you type in the sizes, the bottom does a live calculation for each of the options. Is that done with the filter as well?

Hi Anton. I did see the custom size radio button. I’m not sure how they are doing that in the form. It could be conditional logic that shows a specific field based on the total area (L x W of the custom size) or maybe there is some JavaScript going on to modify the pricing. I can’t tell from the front end how they are doing that.