Zip uploaded files an send it to our Microsoft sharepoint

Hi i got gravity forms an i have a upload form i want the files been zipped and named after one of the field. after submitted and send in the confirmation mail {field77} like this with url of the zip. Then after its done the file appears in our sharepoint. After 14 days the files are deleted in wordpress and persist in our sharepoint.

What could this cost with a custom plugin?

Hi Richard,

That is an interesting use case. I can’t provide you with any suggestions of cost for custom development for it, but if you find someone to assist you with that, I would encourage you to look at Gravity Flow as a part of the solution. In particular:

Good luck!

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Hope you are doing well

I can help you with your requirement.
please reach me over my mail olivia(at)cisinlabs(dot)com so that we can discuss further about your requirement in detail.

Hope to listen from you soon


@JamieO I think I need to do something similar. Our HR department wants to be able to upload pictures of Dr. notes. I don’t want to store them on the WordPress site at all if I can help it. It would increase the backup size too much. I’ll try to use a hook for maybe Zapier integration to accomplish something. Just want you to be aware other users are needing to do something like this.

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