Gravity form uploaded images too big

Hi all

i am using gravity forms for my customers to upload a picture of their receipt as warranty. but i realized that some of the images uploaded by client are huge and it is taking alot of storage space. i have over 60k+ in submissions at the moment.

Could I ask suggestion on how do i work around this to compressed uploaded images and/or offload to somewhere else automatically?

One of these two add-ons will help:

Here’s an article discussing more options:

Let us know if you’re looking for something different.

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Hi Leon,

Here’s also a tutorial with details on how to optimize and offload uploaded files, which may help.

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I would probably just grab the Smush plugin and utilize the auto optimization and max size options available. It works in all directories of the site.

As long as you dont have an odd upload_path it should work easy enough, if that doesnt reduce your storage space by quite a bit then you could look into an S3 bucket. This of course could lead you to put the whole site on AWS lightsail and storage is cheap there.

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This worked well. if the storage usage does get big again, might be thinking to offload the submissions.

much thanks!

I’ll look into this plugin

thank you!

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