Compressing photos when uploading and submitting

We built a custom gravity form on my clients site where a user can upload a few pics of their project. The problem is, people tend to upload massive files and it either takes really long to upload, after they hit send it takes a while or if the files are so big that it sometimes fails.

Is there a way to optimize the photo size once they upload them so that the send time is shorter? Attached a pic of my clients image field.

We had this problem a lot with users wanting to display uploaded images into PDFs (Gravity PDF). The best solution we found was to use the Slim Image Cropper for Gravity Forms add-on, which can be configured to resize images in the browser before uploading to the server. You also get a bunch of bonus features like allowing the user to crop and/or rotate their images.

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Thanks Jake! I’ve heard it doesn’t handle multiple image uploads all that well. Also I actually don’t want the users to do anything, just upload the folder. Do they have a simple feature where all it does is let them upload files and then it compresses them in the background?

Thanks again!

Correct. It’s one Slim field = one image, so if you want multiple you need to manually add in additional fields.

You can turn off the “instant edit mode” so that users can just upload and go without having to do anything. I don’t think you can completely turn off the ability for them to edit the images though (not without some custom CSS to hide the edit button anyway).