Zipping Multiple Image Uploads To Dropbox

Hi Guys!

I have the Dropbox Add On configured on a form for our client, However there are 2 uploads which are fine, 1 video and upto 5 images. Each Upload is configured to land in a different folder which is work perfectly. The only issue I have and can not seem to resolve is being able to zip the Images that are uploaded, or even create a folder that can be named for them to sit in.

One last thing is we had used Zapier for this solution which was working well however we had problems with a good couple of images being half rendered in the Dropbox folder after being uploaded.

Thanks in advance!

Hi David,

A couple links that may help you in this to achieve without Zapier.

  • Gravity Flow supports all of the Gravity Forms add-ons including Dropbox that can be performed as a step within the workflow.
  • Our Workflow Step Framework allows you to build custom step types to achieve more unique processing scenarios such as zipping up multiple images.
  • We have a snippet that performs this which can be shared if you contact our support - although it may need some tweaks (single file uploads versus multiple file uploads) or verification that your environment supports the PHP ZipArchive module (after PHP 7.4 it is not included by default)

In combining them, your workflow could have a step that generates the zip, stores the .zip filename into an admin field in the form, and then uses the dropbox step to pass the .zip to your desired dropbox setup.


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