Rename Dropbox uploads based on Drop-down list field

I would like to add a drop-down to a form that serves as a dropbox file uploader form that will name the uploaded file the name of the dropdown.

For example, the Dropdown options would be:
Driver’s License

Is there an easy way to accomplish this?

You can do that with the gform_dropbox_folder_path filter.

Link to example:

That changes the PATH of the folder, is it possible to change the NAME of the FILE?

Scott Athen
Lomack Solutions, Inc.

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Sorry about that. There is this solution for renaming file uploads. It will work with files that are just uploaded to Gravity Forms. I am not certain how that will work with Dropbox. It’s worth trying. You may have to adjust the priority of the filter, or it’s possible it may not work at all

Were you able to work something out @AthenLaw ?