Dropbox File Path dynamic

Hi There,

I need to arrange for my uploads to go into specific paths based on the inputs of the User selected from list. I’ve read the documentation but didn’t quite follow it (designer not developer, sorry!).

Essentially, It would go to /User Name/Date/FILES however, if the user isn’t already listed it would need to take the name from another field. Making the path either:




Can you help me put together the actual code I insert to the functions file, and how do I accommodate the variation? I had wondered if I could merge and they’d respond to my conditional formatting (if the user isn’t listed, there’s a checkbox to hide the user dropdown and insert the new name box) making the code:


But I’m just not sure what works here.

This can be useful: https://nvision.co/development/organize-client-uploads-gravity-forms-dropbox/amp/

Thank you for sharing that Luigi.