Upload file into a folder based on a field in the form

I would like and uploaded file to be saved in a folder named after a field in the form (the age selected field) and then in that folder the name and surname (of the person that completed the form) then the Uploaded file

Server → wp-contents → uploads → gravityforms → Folder (age that was selected in gravityform) → Folder (Name and surname that was typed in on gravity form) → Uploaded file.jpg

Is that at all possible, I have a little free tool that does it, but I would like to use the gravity form instead - or is there an add-on that can be used?

Hi Lorinda. This can be done with the gform_upload_path filter:

Or, there is an add-on that can rename files according to your pattern (it does not create the folders, but could be used to rename the file in addition to using the filter to create the path):

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Thank you, Let me try these options, appreciate the quick assistance

Hi, I tried the add-on, but you have to buy this add on - was wondering if there is a way that one can just change the name of the uploaded file as it is uploaded to the name that was completed in the form, without paid plugins, I bought the Elite package. Is there any way to do this?
Thank you

Hi Lorinda. This solution is free (not paid):

The code is available here:

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