Gravity Form submission to XML

Hi there,

I would like to build a Gravity Form on my website. I would like to be able to generate an individual XML file for each entry and schedule that file to be downloaded into a specific folder on the Wordpress hosting environment.

Is this possible and if so, how can we achieve this using GravityForms? Or do we need a separate plugin to support?

We do not want any of the submission data to persist in Wordpress and only want an XML file to be generated and put somewhere on the environment.

Is this possible?

Note that we are looking for a single XML file for each time the Gravity Form is completed.

Thanks for any support

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Hello @Jimbobjoe,

You could do the XML file creation via the gform_after_submission hook or Gravity Flow’s custom step framework to make it easier to customize what the filename or XML file contents might include through merge tags from form/field data.

Deleting an entry after the XML creation is complete could be hooked through a WP cron task to ensure that all actions/filters and functionality related to the initial submission has been successfully processed. If you want a no-code approach to setting this up, Gravity Flow’s Form Connector Delete an Entry step type can be set to delete the entry on a schedule.

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