Is there a way to create invite codes to complete forms?

I am creating a school registration form on our website and was wondering if there was an invite code we could use so that only those with the invite code can fill out or complete the registration form.

Does Gravity Forms have this or is there a different plugin that works with Gravity forms?

Thank you in advance!

Hi Mike,

We have a snippet and a tutorial with a similar setup, where users are required to enter a value that has already been submitted in a different form before they can submit the main form.

So using the snippet and approach mentioned in the tutorial for your use case, you would create a helper form that would be used to generate the invite codes which you can send to the users and they will be required to enter that invite code in the school registration form before they can submit the form.

If you’re interested in a solution to generate the unique invite codes, you may want to check out our GP Unique ID Perk, which you can use to generate the invite codes.

Gravity Flow also has some excellent options for your use case.

  • A User Input step can be assigned to a WordPress user (or email field) and the notification to the user has a link specific to that assignee.
  • When an entry is created, the user input step will get triggered to that assignee. So either manually creating the entries (if small #), a bulk import tool or perhaps the use of an Incoming Webhook/API. If you are comfortable with command line approaches the Gravity Forms CLI has you covered.