Creating Unique Invitation or Codes Codes in bulk

Client charges for a service they offer via Gravity Forms. They’d like to issue codes to partner organizations that will discount the form 100%. Coupon add-on can do this, but I’ve found no way to create them en masse or in bulk. (We’d need approximately 500 unique, one-time use codes. I see @chrishajer has a reply recommending Gravity Wiz Populate Anything can be used for this type of thing. I own Gravity Wiz perks but not seeing how it can be used in this fashion.

Any recommendations appreciated.

Hello. If you have Gravity Perks already, I recommend contacting their support to see how it would be possible to use Populate Anything in this scenario. If you do contact them, please share what you find out about the process here. Thank you.

I can’t think of a clear solution for this but drop us a line via Gravity Perks support and we’ll be happy to explore this with you, @crucesignati .

Thank you, @david. I’ll reach out to you guys this morning. Cheers!