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I’m looking for more information on this previously-discussed topic: Gravity-forms-invitation-codes - #2 by chrishajer

In essence, I want to be able to provide a client with a list of unique alpha-numeric codes. Only by entering one of these unique codes is it possible to submit the form.

It’s suggested that this is something that can be achieved with Gravity Wiz’s Populate Anything, but after investigating this plugin I’m not sure how to achieve this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Mike,

We have a snippet and a tutorial with a similar setup , where users are required to enter a value that has already been submitted in a different form before they can submit the main form.

So using the snippet and approach mentioned in the tutorial for your use case, you would create a helper form that would be used to generate the invite codes which you can send to the users and they will be required to enter that invite code in the school registration form before they can submit the form.

If you’re interested in a solution to generate the unique invite codes, you may want to check out our GP Unique ID Perk, which you can use to generate the invite codes.

I hope this helps!

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