Use codes to submit once time

i have a problem
i wanna send invitation emails to my contacts (172 contacts) to fill my form on my website that made by gravity form but with different invitation code for each one that can be use once, after submitting by that code no one else can use that specific code.

Hi Sina,

This is a feature that is not supported by default and it will require custom coding or using conditional logic along with dynamic field population to achieve what you want, I can help you with that.

Can you please share a link to your form and how you intend to send the invitation emails? will the emails be manually sent? or are you using a certain tool for this?

the innovation emails are sent manually that contain codes
by logical condition in gravityform i’ve inserted all codes to show submit button of the form , if user dont type his code the button wont show at all,
but i want that each innovation code can be use once time and for second use a message will be shown,

last input [type text] is considered for code for example 00009 is one of the our codes
if you can share necessary code to solve my problem i will be grateful

Hi Sina. Can this free snippet from Gravity Wiz help?

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i have no problem with generating code to submit
but i want to use these code only once and other users cant use it again
i mean this code or one time useable and after that the code become expired

Hi Sina. Did you check out the Gravity Wiz article? It shows the method you can use to validate those one-time codes. Does that article not help in your case?

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