Custom unique code added on submission


I have a list of thousands of unique codes that I would like to use and add to each form submission.

1 form submission = 1 unique code added (hidden from user)

What field should I use and how would it be possible to do that? Each code has to be used only once. Then I’ll need to use it for the email notifications.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Gravity Forms doesn’t provide any built-in field type for the use case described. I would recommend you to reach Gravity Wiz about their Unique ID add-on: Gravity Forms Unique ID - Form ID Plugin - Gravity Wiz

Are your unique codes a pre-defined list stored elsewhere within the WordPress DB?

The Gravity Flow Form Connector Extension provides an Update Fields step type which would let you map a single code into a field of the current entry before the confirmation (on page) or notifications are sent as separate steps in the workflow. The filter gravityflowformconnector_update_field_values could be used to both retrieve and mark a code used depending on where they are stored.


Thanks a lot for your answer.

I will explore these solutions and let you know.

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