How to give every person who fills one of our forms a Unique ID / "External ID"?

When a new person fills out one of our forms, we want them to be assigned a unique id on our Wordpress site that would ideally follow them if they fill out another form in the future – identifiable by their name, phone number, business name, and/or email address

The rationale here is that Facebook has begun incentivizing the provision of an “External ID” - our own unique identifier of each lead we get. The only problem is that we have nothing like that, except for the “Entry ID” that GF gives each form entry.

I’m guessing it may require other plugins besides Gravity Forms, but how can you do this in Wordpress for your Gravity Forms leads?

I think Gravity Wiz offers exactly what you’re needing.


The Gravity Wiz perk for unique ID which Dere links to is definitely a solid piece of your potential solution. Have you figured out where/how you would store the ID? Perhaps as a part of the user meta where either the User Registration add-on would let you store it when registering the new users?

That could lead to a method to use hooks to populate a different field for tracking with existing users since the ID values being stored would then effectively no longer be unique (user submits same form multiple times).

If you are trying to apply a similar solution for existing users - you may want to look at the Gravity Flow Update User step to add IDs to existing users. Along with conditional logic to determine if the step should occur (or gravityflow_step_is_condition_met for code based determination would let you ensure the updates only occur when intended.


Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll check it out.

Haven’t yet considered where to store the ID yet, pretty much figured I’d look for that in whatever the solution is. Thanks for pointing out the User Registration add-on.

Sounds like it’ll be a little more complicated than I’d hoped, but I think it’s important so I guess I have some more research to do.