Sequential Unique ID per user [RESOLVED]

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Is it possible, with “Unique ID” plug in, to generate a sequential id per form and per user at the same time ? (Like counting how many time a user submit a specific form).

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Hey Bob,

We spoke via Gravity Wiz support but just answering here for others wondering about the same thing.

Sequential Unique IDs are form specific by default.

If the user ID can be part of the generated unique ID, you can capture the current user ID in a hidden field with the {user:ID} merge tag. Then, set that field’s value as a prefix for the unique ID, and use this snippet to generate a unique sequence using the prefix.

If you don’t want the user ID to be a part of the sequence, this is definitely something we could write a custom snippet for. We love helping our Pro customers with tweaks like this. :smile:


Hey David,

Great, thanks a lot for your help !!

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