Codes that can be sent to customers but they are hidden on the form

I have a client who wants to have a unique code sent to a recipient at random or may choose from a list of codes.

The codes can be coming from another form with new entries that can be added using a user form.

However, since codes are unique and each must be used in random until all codes are used up, for example, 1-100 unique codes. But after all they are used up, it will loop back to number 1 and will be assigned again once there are new customers.

This is similar to having an agent code that every customer inquiry will be assigned to but they are not visible to user form. Yet, they will be sent to the agent automatically or their email address.

Thanks in advance.

You can generate random unique IDs with our GP Unique ID Perk and send the generated unique ID to the recipient via the notification email. Please check out the documentation and let us know if you have any questions.

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thank you so much.

I was able to assign a sequential unique ID to each agent based on the ending number of the order number and changes notification to routing. :slight_smile:

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thanks again.

It is also possible to add a button to the body of the message for confirmation. Let say I am sending the order confirmation to customer and I want to provide a cancel or reorder button?


Switch the tab on the Confirmation message box from Visual to Text and add this
<input type="button" value="Cancel"/>

Hi Ericson,

This may be a case where the one click approval links of Gravity Flow could provide a very good user experience for your site. This doc covers the setup of an approval step in more general sense.

From how you describe your setup above, you would probably be able to:

  • Change the confirmation type to Text with a ‘Thank you very much’ message.
  • Disable the default notification that follows form submission
  • Add a workflow with an approval step assigned to the user / email field. Within the approval message use the {workflow_approval_link: text=“Re-Order”} or {workflow_reject_link: text=“Cancel this order”}
  • Use conditional logic on subsequent steps based on if the user approved or rejected. Potentially with the Form Connector extension to create a new entry you could automate the re-order portion of that as well.


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