Can I include Unique ID in notifications?

I’d like to include the unique ID in the subject line of the notifications, but I haven’t had any luck. In the past, I could set the subject line to something like: “This is submission #{file_id}” and that worked great. Now with Gravity Perks installed, I was hoping to do the same: “This is submission #{unique_id}” but this doesn’t seem to work. I’ve tried Unique ID, unique_ID, unique_id, Unique ID:4, etc.

Is this doable? Many thanks!

I’m guessing you are using Gravity Wiz’s plugin:

According to their documentation it is only inserted into the all fields tag. It shouldn’t be hard to write a code to make your own.

Hi Jeffrey, we answered a nearly identical answer to a different person via support today. Perhaps you are affiliated with her?

To use the generated unique ID, you would just select it from the merge tag selector as you would for any other fields. If you need to manually type it, it is the field label plus the field ID:

{Unique ID:1}

…where 1 is the field ID.

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Hi Jeffrey !

You can also add a small snippet of code to your functions file and use the unix time as a unique identifier - in case such an item would provide you an additional benefit.

Note, if you were worried about potential same-second collisions, you could also append micro secs to the created string.

Info found here: