Gravity Forms storing data in excel or Access

Is it possible for Gravity Forms to feed the data from the form to excel or access so that it can be backed up with our regular files?

Gravity Forms can send the data anywhere you like after submission. The only issue is the connection to you Excel spreadsheet or Access database.

Here’s one way for Excel:

Here’s another way for Excel:

I don’t know of a plugin that can be used to send entries to an Access database. However, you can use the gform_after_submission hook to send data anywhere:

Do you know if there are consultants for hire to help train/set-up this function?

We have a Mileage sheet that offers up to seven trips before submitting.
The problem is they all show up in one row and each trip needs to feed to a separate row for each trip although that could be several rows or just one for each trip as they have the option to pick.

We are VERY green in the creation/use and integration of the form to the data but want to start compiling data for analysis and need it to feed properly.

Sure, you can find some help for hire here:

Or post on our job board: