Exporting data into Excel file


Currently I’m using Gravity Forms on my website with the Engaging Networks plugin. When a form’s submitted, a notification is sent to the form owner (with all the data) and key data (eg email address, first name, last name, etc) is automatically uploaded to Engaging Networks. The data is automatically deleted from my website’s CMS.

I’ve had 2 requests from my org - do you know if either / both of the below are possible:

  • For one of our forms, we’d like 2 fields (email address and a free form field) to be able to be exported to Excel. Can we update the settings in the EN plugin so it doesn’t delete all data but keeps those 2 fields in our CMS?
  • We’d like to create a new form (anonymous survey) and export the responses to Excel. We’d also like to include the url of the page that the form was completed on. Again, can we update EN plugin settings so that this form allows data to stay in the CMS and be exported?

Hope you can help.


Gravity Forms doesn’t include any built-in integration or support for the Engaging Networks plugin, that’s something provided by a third-party developer. So for any questions about this integration you will want to reach the author of the plugin:

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