Is there a way to allow form entries to be downloaded from frontend? [RESOLVED]

I have a few clients who need, every now and again, to obtain a csv of the entries. They find the WordPress backend overwhelming and reach out to me to obtain the csv.

My question, is there a plugin that will ‘hook’ into the entry export feature of gravity forms and allow a client to visit a particular frontend page and obtain a link to the csv file?

Hope this makes sense.

If not, would someone be interested in partnering with me to develop such a plugin. No doubt others would like to have this.

There is this plugin which can automate CSV exports of entries:

I’m not sure if it can be set up to create a CSV of entries when a front-end page is loaded.

There is also this free plugin that allows for CSV and Excel exports of entries. You could place a link on the front end and restrict access by user role or another means.


Thank you kindly @verysiberian

Just what I was looking for!

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