Is there a add on or feature that allows for the export and download of images for form entries?

I’m trying to export form entries and download the images associated with those entries. Currently it just lists the URL column with a link to the image which doesn’t help. Does anyone know of a add on or work around for this?

The export feature takes the values saved into fields from entry, for the upload field the value saved is the URL, so having the URL in the CSV file created is the expected.

To export the actual file instead, something would need to grab the URL for the field for each entry, download the file, and send it to you somehow.

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Entry Automation can include copies of files associated with entries processed via an Export Entries task.

When the option to include files in the export is enabled on the task, the task will generate a zip file containing both the file containing the actual exported entry data and then individual directories for each processed entries files.


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