Sending Gravity Forms entries to a mySQL table

With reference to the issues raised in this thread: Trying to copy Gravity Form entries to Mysql Table in wpdb - #2 by chrishajer

Where the user was able to successfully allow for gravity forms records to be sent to a separate mySQL table after submission, I’d like to know how you would keep the mySQL table in synch with the Gravity Forms side if somebody on the Gravity Forms side has to edit the entry or delete it?

What are the exact hooks that one would use? How would one map the form field updates back to the specific table columns? Please can somebody point me in the right direction?

It would be great if there was an official add-on that allowed you to maintain a separate mySQL table for each of your Gravity Forms so you can more easily do things like analytics and dashboards without too much acrobatics.


Maintaining the data synced it’s up to your custom code, hooks that can be useful would be:

gform_after_submission - which runs after the submission and gives you all the data for entry.

gform_after_update_entry - which runs after updating an entry.

gform_delete_entry - which runs right before deleting an entry.

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