Sending Form Entries to Custom Table Where Each Entry Item Is Its Own Column

So, Basically, what I need to do is display Gravity Forms Field data from a form on the front end using Tables Pro by Supsystic, which has the ability to directly pull data from a DB table linking the columns desired to be shown in the table. From my poking around the WP DB tables for Gravity Forms, it looks like the entries are held in a single cell for all entries in the meta data table for the entries. I have been trying to work with the GForm_after_Submission function, but am running in to two problems that, as I am not a developer, I cannot seem to wrap my head around and could use some sort of step-by-step guide for making the table and then implementing the GForm_after_submission function to map the individual field entries by their label to cells in the Db table so that Tables Pro can use the data. If I just tell the plugin to use the cell data as it is stored by Gravity Forms out of the box, it is just a huge, messy, wall of code/text. I really do not want to have to shell out money for another plugin as it would make me look like an idiot considering the cost of this plugin vs some of the other gravity-based plugins for tables display on the front end.

If there is another, easier/better way to do this, I would certainly be open to it.