Developer Needed - To Hire : XML Conversion


Request for Proposal (RFP)

Using Gravity Form (and any plugins / customizations). Entries are converted to XML format and FTP’d (sFTP) so that the existing lead referral CRM system, identified as Prevail, may import each XML file. (

In Brief

  • Simple Form +/- 20 fields of various type (text, checkbox, text area, etc)

  • Individual submissions entries to be converted to a uniquely named file in XML format

  • Each submission and XML conversion is automatically and immediately FTP’d / sFTP’d into a pre-determined FTP location

  • Email notification for each submission (to be determined - append xml file to each notification)

  • Prevail to provide the mapping schema

  • The FTP folder is provided by Prevail and credentials provided by Prevail (to be determined)

  • The import of the XML file into Prevail is managed by Prevail - so getting each file into the FTP server is where Gravity Forms work ends.

  • The form / form page will be password protected as submissions are presented from pre-determined sources.

  • Server / Wordpress provided by customer (customized and configurable Digital Ocean / Linode server with LAMP stack)

  • This would be a work made for hire and customer has right to re-use code without fee or obligation to developer. We would approach this as a stable & dependable on-going relationship with developer for changes, updates and modifications as may be decided or warranted at a reasonable cost.

I’m interested in this. Where should I contact you?

Thank you

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