Automatically export GF data to CRM/Donor Platform to "Mail Chimp"

Creating a nonprofit and the GF/Twillo forms are already built and functioning. There will be contact information submitted to forms (Gravity Forms) and also submitted to a donation platform like “Give Lively”. I need to have select data exported to a CRM like “Mail Chimp”
Is there an add-on for that?

If you are collecting data with a Gravity Forms form, you can use our Mailchimp Add-On to send that information to Mailchimp:

If you are not using Mailchimp but some other CRM we don’t have an add-on for, you can use our Webhooks Add-On to send the information there:

If you’re looking for something else, please let us know.

First, let me thank you for your quick reply and I absolutely love Gravity Forms, a world-class plugin!
Is there an add-on that works with any donor platforms?

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The Webhooks Add-On is the closest to working with any platform. It allows you to accept data in the form, and send that via a Webhook to any site that has a REST API.

Our Zapier Add-On will allow you to integrate with other services as well, and is available with a Pro or Elite license. The Webhooks Add-On is available with an Elite license only.

You can check the Zapier site to see if they have an integration between Gravity Forms and {name your donor platform}.

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