Donation thank you email from Mailchimp

I recently made a donation through someone’s website that uses Gravity Forms.

The ‘thank you for donating’ email came through national builder. The email included some branded information, links, images as well as the donation amount, tax amount etc etc.

I’m wondering how they did this & if this is something that can done through Mailchimp as well? Integrating both Gravity Forms & Stripe as this is the payment method we’re using for our donation form.

Hi Sophie,

You can define fields to be populated at MailChimp as part of the feed from a donation form. Those fields can be passed in the MailChimp Feed and then used in the MailChimp campaign as part of a new donation.

The fields you create at MailChimp will show up in the Feed Settings as defined in our documentation:

You can map donation data to those fields and they will be passed to MailChimp when the feed is processed. You would then configure your campaign to send that branded email with the data from the form within MailChimp.

Hope that helps.

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