Add to Mailchimp newsletter if wanted

Hi, I have a donate form and donors get an automatic welcome reply by Mailchimp. But in the form I want a checkbox/radiobutton that the donors have the possibility of also subscribe on our newsletter. Now I have 2 audiences: 1 for newsletter signup and 1 for donors. Is it possible to subscribe, if the box is checked, on both newsletters?

Hi Monique. Yes, you can do that with the Gravity Forms Mailchimp plugin. If you need assistance setting that up, please open a support ticket here:

Thank you.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your rapid reply.
I have a Mailchimp account and the GF MC add-on, do you mean that one?

I already set up a form and made connection with Mailchimp, etc. so I’ll open a support ticket as you suggest.

Regards, Monique

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