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We have a gravity form setup on this website - to enable users to subscribe to our newsletter.

We have a drop down field with 4 areas people may want to hear more info about. We have 4 separate audiences in MailChimp (1 for each of the four drop-down). Is it possible to map the drop downs in Gravity forms to the 4 audiences in mailchimp. ie is someone selects the ‘I would like to know more about - ULTRACRETE’ that that user is then subscribed to the relevant audience in Mailchimp. We need to be able to target users specifically to 1 of the four drop-down and don’t just want them all being subscribed to one master list. Thanks.

It’s been a bit since I worked with the Mail Chimp addon, but I would think that you could create 4 separate feeds to add an email to MailChimp, one for each audience, and then set them to run conditionally. So if a user opts into all 4 items, then all 4 of your feeds would trigger, each one adding the user’s email address to one of your audiences.

Thank that might work?

They will only be opting into 1 of the 4 lists, they are all fundamentally different categories, just struggling to figure out how to send the form to one of 4 audiences in mail chimp as in GF there is only one mail chimp connection / audience ID.

Hi Jeremy. When using the Gravity Forms Mailchimp Add-On, your website will be connected to one Mailchimp account. You can’t connect to two Mailchimp accounts on one site with the add-on.

The next place you can differentiate is on the Mailchimp feed for the form. You will first select an Audience. If you have four audiences, you can create one feed for each audience, then use the conditional logic setting at the bottom of the feed to say “Send the subscriber to this audience when they made THIS selection in the form.” If that’s what you’re looking to do, you are all set.

If you need to add the subscriber to a specific Group in your Audience, you can do that with conditional logic right in the feed. Here’s a screenshot of the group conditional logic for one of my Mailchimp feeds:

If you need even more granular control than that, let us know. It’s probably possible with multiple feeds and conditional logic settings on the feed.

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