Submit Multiple contacts from one form to MailChimp [RESOLVED]

I have a form that has 1-4 sets of contact fields: Email, Name, etc x 4 , The MailChimp add-on will allow me to add only one set of contact info via the interface. Is there a way I can do this for all 4 of the contacts on the form? I’m not afraid of coding :slight_smile:

You should be able to create multiple MailChimp feeds for the form and map each one to the same list but use a different set of form fields for each feed.

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Multiple MailChimp feeds can be processed for each form submission (unlike many of our other add-ones). Configure one feed for each email address in the form. Please note: they must be email fields from the Advanced Fields section of the form builder in order for them to show up for mapping in the MailChimp feed.


Of course! I’m so 1 dimensional :smile: Thanks @Mad_Dog and @chrishajer

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