Multiple Mailchimp Accounts

So we’re building a site for a holding company. This company has multiple subsidiaries with multiple Mailchimp accounts. Is it possible to link to multiple Mailchimp accounts on the same form on the same page? If not, is there some sort of workaround?

Hi Elizabeth. Our Mailchimp Add-On supports just one Mailchimp account per website, with multiple audiences in that account configured at the feed-level. There is no workaround for that as far as I am aware, but I’m happy to leave this open to see if anyone else has a way to accomplish this.

This should really be rethought and added to the plugin. It has come up multiple times for me recently and the lack of this functionality has been a real hindrance to getting my project done using GF. Please consider revamping this integration to support what would be a very useful feature.

Hello @ElevenMassMedia - If you would like to suggest that for inclusion in the future, I recommend adding that to our product roadmap. Click the blue :heavy_plus_sign: in the lower left on this page to add a note for our product team:

Thank you.