Mailchimp integration not working consistantly

I need to be able to test the form 10-20 times but once I used my email address, I cant test it - I tried adding a +1 to my email as someone suggested but it still doesnt work - I even tried incognito but still doesnt work. Doesnt anyone have a suggestion how I can do multiple tests on my forms/mailchimp integration?

Do others have issues with the integration being unreliable?

Hi Mickey. Normally, I will create some throwaway email addresses for a domain I own, and use those for testing. Do you have the option to do that with your existing domain or email provider?

Also, be sure you are using Gravity Forms logging so that you can check to see what the actual reason is for the subscriber not being added. I have used the +1 or +test trick for gmail addresses before, which has worked, but maybe that no longer works with Mailchimp?

Thanks for your response! Yes I tried the +1 gmail but its still not getting added to mailchimp - no matter what email address I use it doesnt work ( I am thinking it blacklisted my IP address) - and other people that submit the form, sometimes get added sometimes not. For example - today 2 people were added out of 20 that sumbitted the form - so I have them registered in my gravity forms entries but only 2 in my mailchimp audience contacts.

Hi Mickey. The Mailchimp add-on works very well, and the logging will show exactly why an email was not added to your audience. Did you enable logging on the site? Or have you already opened a support ticket?