Trouble with Mailchimp App


Can anyone help me with this? Weird/blank and incorrect fields in the Mailchimp app for my form.

Initially, I thought it wasn’t working, but then my test email address did appear in MailChimp, and I received the welcome email. It was just very slow. It took a few hours to register. Ideally, I’d like my subscribers to get an instant reply. I would love some help. My developer, with whom I am no longer in contact, owns the gravity forms license built into my website.

Oh, to clarify, there is no birthday field in my form, address, or phone number. Here is a link to the form: Contact - Aideen Anna - Emotive Wedding Photography - Ireland & Worldwide - Est. 2008

Hi Aideen,

Can you enable logging on your website through Forms > Settings > Logging?

This will allow you to test a submission to MailChimp and see if the slow down is happening within the MailChimp log or if the data is being sent to MailChimp immediately through your feed. If it is, then you know the issue is with MailChimp.

Mailchimp was also updated to support Background processing in the last update v5.2. If you’ve having issues with background processing on your website, this could impact how quickly those feeds are being processed.

You want to look through this article for Troubleshooting Background Processing:

You can also turn off background processing for MailChimp (there’s a link to a filter on that article above).

Hope this helps get you started!

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