Adding mailchimp sign up to existing contact form?

Hi, I have connected up Mailchimp and Gravity Forms and I can make individual sign up and contact forms.
However, that looks a bit clunky.
Is it possible to have an opt in to newsletter tick box on the contact form? If so, how would I go about that? Any pointers would be gratefully received.

Hi Lisa,

If I understand your requirements correctly, you would simply add a “Receive Our Newsletter” (or something like that) checkbox to your contact form. Then create a Mailchimp feed in the form settings and set it to be processed conditionally on that checkbox having been ticked.


yes, thank you, that is exactly what I’m thinking of, unless there is a more elegant way to do it.
Could a form be used as a contact form, a sign up form and both together? So if someone just wanted to sign up to the newsletter they wouldn’t need to write anything in the message box?

Yes, absolutely. You could just make the message field not required and make the field name or placeholder “Message (optional)” so people would understand.

Then you could make a radio button group appear if the checkbox is ticked, with the following options:

  • Newsletter sign-up only
  • Newsletter sign-up and contact request

Then you could run different confirmation types and notifications for all three scenarios, all conditional upon the checkbox and, if applicable, the radio button selection.

“Newsletter sign up only” could also conditionally hide the message field.

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