Add Donation Recurring Donation Option to Form?

Hi. If a form is already set up to accept one-time donations what would be the steps to include an option such as a check box to set up recurring donations?

Gravity Forms Support can help you with this if you open a ticket:

But in general, you can add a radio button field to the form, and offer a choice of “One time” or “Monthly” (or whatever your frequency is.)

Then, you create another Stripe feed, and this one configured as a Subscription with whatever your frequency is. Next, you need to use conditional logic on every Stripe feed. The condition is based on that radio button field you added. When they select “Monthly”, you process the feed for the Monthly subscription.

When they select “One time” you process the one time purchase/donation (not the subscription). Does that make sense? Let us know if not.

Appreciate the reply Chris & looks like we’re half-way there. I got the first step down & the second step of creating another stripe feed configured as subscription with the monthly option.
From there I have conditional logic checked and when I go to preview how do I confirm that the form will in-fact charge monthly when monthly is selected while “one time” is truly just a one time donation?
Please see attached image for front end of form & backend of form is here

Put the Stripe plugin in “Test” mode rather than Live mode (on the Forms > Settings > Stripe page), and test the form. Check the entry notes after submission to see how the transaction was processed. Always use “test” mode in Stripe when making changes to your form to be sure that the form is still doing exactly what you want and is actually collecting money for you.

Thank you Chris and it looks like the only thing remaining that isn’t working is receiving an email receipt for recurring donations (subscriptions) while one-time donations receipts are working? I noticed the Products & Services (One-Time Donations) have an email receipt option in the backend while the Subscription (Donation) option does not? Attached is the one-time donation stripe feed settings that shows the email receipt is available. Monthly Subscription screenshot here:

I don’t believe Stripe sends a receipt for the subscription charges. You can create a Gravity Forms notification to act as a ‘receipt’ or notification to your customer, and you can tie that to the “Subscription Payment Added” event (the Notification Event drop down on the Notification you set up.)

Here’s the documentation for notification events:

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