Who owns the form? [RESOLVED]

I feel like this is a bit of a philosophical question lol

I’m still working out the details of exactly how this is going to work but we work with employers and have a certain form for them to fill out. One of our admins fills in some details on the form, sends it to the employer, the employer then signs it, sends it back to the admin who then also signs it.

The workflow for Gravity Forms will hopefully go: admin fills out parts of form, saves it using Save & Continue; sends link to employer who signs it and submits it; admin gets notification that it’s signed, opens a view that shows all the entries for the form, then signs the entry and approves it, which will then trigger the creation of the final pdf.

So, my question is: if the admin creates the form but the employer submits it, who’s WordPress account is it attached to?

@ld02digital whom ever submits the form and has the entry created is assigned as the user of that entry. Based on what you’d said, that would be the Employee, as they will use the continue link to finish filling out the form and then submit it.

Thanks! That’s what I was thinking, but I wanted to make sure. The Employer would own the form.

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