How to create form-specific permissions

I’m new to Gravity Forms and I’m trying to do the following.

I want to have it so whenever you fill out a Gravity Form, you can invite someone to that form so that they have the ability to edit or just view that form (and the values of those fields); you have a place to type out that person’s name and email address.

Once you submit the details of the potential recipient(s), if they’re already a user on a given website (the website hosting the form), they get an email notification about it and they are then granted edit or view permissions (depending on what permissions you choose to give them). If not, when you invite that user, an email notification is sent that invites them to sign up on the website so they can log in and access (once that sign up process is done, they can now access the form). You can also change or revoke access to anyone you just shared the form with as well.

In other words, I want to create similar functionality to Google Drive where you can share a file with any user and only those you chose to directly share it with can access the file (along with whatever permissions or lack of you choose to give them over the file).

I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask so any help, resources, or tips would definitely be appreciated. Thank you.

Hi Ken. I don’t know of anything in Gravity Forms that will do that exactly. However, there is a third-party plugin available which may be able to help you:

Take a look at that plugin and see if that has the features you need. It’s the closest I know of to meet the requirements you have.