Restrict Viewing of Forms to Certain Members

I have the Members plugin to restrict page viewing to registered members. Is there a way to restrict access to certain forms for certain members? For example, member A only sees and can submit forms 1, 2, and 6 while member B sees forms 2 and 3. The criteria for members having access to forms is solely determined by the admin so access needs to be set manually.

I believe this add-on from ForGravity will help you with that:

Advanced Permissions can’t do this.

Advanced Permissions can help you control which non-administrator users have access to individual forms and their various settings pages in the WordPress admin, but it can’t control who can see and/or submit a form on the front-end of the website.

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Thank you for the responses! I figured as much but thought I would ask.

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The Members plugin you mention adds the flexibility of multiple roles per user. Would your use case fit that the crtiera differentiating Member A and B can be named as a part of role(s) the members receive? In which case the page restrictions that Members provide would be the control to restrict how they can submit forms.

If “member A only sees and can submit…” relates to which entries (post submission) that member can access (think Forms > Entries), you may want to look at either GravityView with its’ Advanced Filtering add-on or Gravity Flow with its’ Status Block and the gravityflow_status_filter. Both would give you a way to control which entries are visible to certain users based on their role(s).


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