Hide certain form from people in admin area?

Hi. Is it possible to hide certain forms for some people in admin area? I’m talking about this:

I’d like to hide half the forms here from certain administrators. Thanks!

Not a feature of Gravity Forms, but maybe one of the following third-party add-ons could help:

As a note to the above recommendation of Advanced Permissions, Advanced Permissions rulesets cannot be applied to administrator users.

This is both so you can’t lock out an administrator from Gravity Forms (intentionally or unintentionally) and in general if you need to filter access to an administrator user, they shouldn’t have the administrator role. They should be assigned a different (potentially custom role) that has access only to the aspects of the WordPress admin they need access to (which Advanced Permissions can help with for non-administrator roles).

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Disagree. I just want client to be able to see form entries, but I don’t want him to see other forms (that he doesn’t need to check entries for) because he just might get confused.

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