How to hide certain fields completely. Even in Admin area

I have a field that contains a value that need to see only by super admin. I am the super admin and I have 8 standard admininstrator with gform_full_access capabilites. Is there anyway to hide certain fields not to view by other 8 admins? I want that field hidden in backend viewing page, editing page and also in printing. Please help.

Hello Alvin. The roles and capabilities in Gravity Forms do not support the type of restriction you need. This plugin may be able to help, but I don’t have much information on the super admin role and the Advanced Permissions plugin:

I recommend contacting them to see if your needs can be met with that plugin. Thank you.

You may want to check out: This is an out of the box feature their add-on provides. You can restrict permissions even in admin!

I think this is what i need. Thanks. Cheers!

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