Restrict access to form entries for everyone apart from a certain user

Hi there,

I’m trying to help a client out, they’ve requested that only one admin be allowed to access form entries to review the sensitive entries.

I tried the plugin Advanced Permissions for Gravity Forms by ForGravity Introducing Advanced Permissions for Gravity Forms - ForGravity

But it only works for user-roles not individual users. The client still needs multiple admins on the site, and the user that want’s access to the entries still needs to be an admin for other plugins to work with her user role.

Does anyone know if there’s a hidden action filter somewhere for displaying the entries tab that I can use to check if the user is “x” and the form is “y”

Kinda stuck for ideas at this point, I can hide the gravity forms plugin from all users except 1, but there are other forms that need to be accessed by other people.

Anyone had a similar issue and found a solution?

Advanced Permissions does work with individual users, not just roles. As we mentioned previously however, you can’t apply rulesets to administrator users, whether individually or by the role. Non-administrator users can definitely be targeted individually in rulesets.

In general if you’re having to restrict an administrator’s access to a site, they shouldn’t be an administrator. You are likely better off setting them up with a custom non-administrator role and give them access to only the things they need to perform their tasks using a role editor plugin like User Role Editor or Members. That will give you much more flexibility for what you are trying to do here.

Hey Karl. Thanks for the reply, unfortunately multiple users need admin to this site due to other plugins that require admin roles, There is also more than one developer working on the site. I may just need to a bit of a hack job on this one.

Hi @user5b8750ac644dd9.6 — have you considered GravityView? The plugin would be able to handle this in combination with our Advanced Filtering extension.

By default, this would live on the front-end (in a protected page, for example). We also have a Dashboard Views functionality in pre-release that would allow you to embed Views in the admin. We’re happy to share that with you.

Feel free to ask any questions you have. Thanks!

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