Sharing Quiz Results and Form Entries with staff [RESOLVED]

Hi all,

Just wondering what the best way to go about this is. Visitors to our site fill in a quiz and an entry form, and if they pay I’d like to share the quiz and form info with a staff member. Currently we do this by forwarding the notification emails but this leads to delays.

I’d like staff to be able to access the information independently - should I set up a google sheet which can share the info, or maybe create a wordpress user so they can log in and just see the results, or are there any other ways?


One option could be to push that data off to Google Sheets or another similar service using the Zapier add-on.

We also offer a couple products over at ForGravity that could help you do something like this with slightly different approaches.

Entry Automation would allow you to set up your entry data to export automatically on a schedule in either CSV, Excel, PDF, or JSON format. These export files can be emailed to any email addresses of your choosing automatically, and with our Agency license tier can be pushed off elsewhere using our Dropbox, Amazon S3, or FTP extensions.

Advanced Permissions would allow you to have your users access your form entry data directly in the WordPress admin, but keep their access limited to just the forms, and the sub-components of those forms, they need access to.

By default with Gravity Forms, only administrator role users get access to the Gravity Forms pages in the WordPress admin, even if you grant those capabilities needed to other user roles using a role editor plugin, those capabilities are still applied globally across the entire Gravity Forms install, so it may give the user access to forms you don’t want them to have access to. Advanced Permissions allows you to apply those same Gravity Forms capabilities to any non-administrator user or role, but just for the forms you want the users to have access to, they won’t see or have access to others.

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When you say that you’re “forwarding the notification emails” do you mean you send a notification email somewhere, and that recipient forwards it? Would just setting up additional notifications work for you? You can have as many notification emails as you like, and can structure them independently (for example if there are fields on the form you don’t want a recipient to see, such as the sender’s email address for privacy reason).

As Karl mentioned, a Zap using Zapier to send form data to Google Sheets will work (I do that on one form), but I generally try to find the simplest solution first, and GravityForm’s built-in notification system is highly flexible.

Thanks Tricia and Karl. Advanced permissions is what I’m probably looking for but is outside our budget for the moment. I think what I’ll do is set up an email account just for quiz results and give access to it to all our staff, they can then search for the relevant quiz results in the email account.

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What you write sounds like a form that would benefit from building a workflow with Gravity Flow to follow submissions:

  • The quiz is the initial form
  • The payment could be a Paypal or Stripe step type
  • A notification step following payment provides the details to staff based on user/role or email. Perhaps included the values via a generated PDF attachment.
  • If you have additional steps where the original form submitter or your staff need to add/edit field values the user input step would provide a way to let specific fields be modified.